Electric LV / MV Commissioning and StartUp  in Oil & Gas, Industrial Plant
Electronic / PLC Software Commissioning  and StartUp in Oil & Gas, Industrial Plant
Knowledge of  Relè Protection  (ABB LV & MV  Systems)
Knowledge of Variable Frequency Drive ABB , Siemens, Omron 
knowledge of problematic about field instruments.
knowledge of problematic about field bus communications  between DCS/SCADA/HMI, PLC and Field instrumentation. ( Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Serial 485 / 232, I2CBus, Ethernet, IEC61850 )
Definition of project specifications
Project of the electric / electronic systems
Software development for PLC Siemens, ABB,  Allen Bradley in SCL, KOP, LADDER, C language
Software development for SCADA / DCS Systems (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Igniction  ) 
Project of microprocessor boards and related firmware in C language, Assembler language